The ACM-5SA vintage mid-range EQ plug-in for Windows and Linux
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The ACM-5SA mid-range EQ VST plug-in for Windows and Linux
Demo Limitations
Download and try for free. Every 60 seconds the plug-in will fade to silence momentarily. To remove this limitation you will need to buy an activation code.
To remove the demo limitations, open the plug-in in your host application and click the lock button at the top left of the plug-in to open the license entry dialogue. Type (or paste) your product activation code into the text box. You will then need to restart your host application to complete the process.
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A classic vintage mid-range EQ combined with an intuitive, modern stylized user interface
Inspired by the vintage Pultec MEQ-5 mid-range EQ, the ACM-5SA perfectly complements the ACM-2SA Vintage Program EQ, emulating the sought-after passive filter character. The ACM-5SA combines high-performance processing with an intuitive stylized user interface. A versatile mid-range equalizer capable of subtle sonic enhancement or more obvious presence - highlighting elements of a mix without harshness or fatigue.
  • Smooth controls with no 'zipper noise' when adjusting the plug-in settings.
  • Physically modelled rotary control modes.
  • Resizable graphical user interface.
  • Ideal for acoustic instruments, drums and vocals, the ACM-5SA perfectly complements the more familiar ACM-2SA Vintage Program EQ
  • Transformer-coupled valve / tube amplifier emulation enhances the desirable vintage tone.
  • Innovative processing models analogue filter behaviour - without additional latency or high CPU demand.
  • Valve / tube emulation adds subtle character even with the EQ bypassed.*
  • VST, VST3, JACK and CLAP plug-in for Windows & Linux.
*The EQ switch bypasses the filter section, leaving the valve / tube emulation in the signal path, while the 'power switch' provides a completely clean bypass if required.
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System Requirements - Windows
  • 64bit Windows 7 or newer.
  • A compatible host application with VST2, VST3 or CLAP plug-in support.
System Requirements - Linux
  • Linux x86-64/AMD64 64bit e.g. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or newer.
  • An X11 or XWayland compatible host application with Linux VST2, VST3 or CLAP plug-in support.
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Latest Version
VST2 64bit V3.1.4
VST3 64bit V3.1.4
CLAP 64bit V3.1.4
JACK 64bit V3.1.4
Low-mid frequency peak filter Constant Q peak filter switchable to 200Hz, 300Hz, 500Hz, 700Hz and 1kHz, with up to 10dB of boost.
Mid frequency dip / cut Constant Q cut filter, switchable to 200Hz, 300Hz, 500Hz, 700Hz, 1kHz, 1.5kHz, 2kHz, 3kHz, 4kHz 5kHz and 7kHz, with up to 10dB of cut
High-mid frequency peak filter Constant Q peak filter switchable to 1.5kHz, 2kHz, 3kHz, 4kHz and 5kHz, with up to 8dB of boost.
Physical Control Modelling Replicates the 'feel' as well as the look of high quality rotary controls.
Passive Filters Passive filter emulation maintains the smooth frequency response and desirable control interaction of classic vintage designs.
Transformer-coupled gain stage Similar to vintage Pultec style EQs, the passive filters are followed by a transformer-coupled tube amplifier stage which further enhances the vintage qualities.
Analogue Filter Modelling Analogue filter modelling algorithms recreate natural analogue filter curves, without requiring high sample rates or CPU intensive upsampling, allowing more plugin instances in a typical digital audio workstation project.
OS / System Compatibility
  32bit 64bit
Windows VST2  
Windows VST3  
Windows CLAP  
Linux VST2*  
Linux VST3*  
Linux CLAP*  
Linux JACK*  

OS / System requirements based on typical representative configurations and host applications. Be sure to check compatibility with the free demos provided.
*Linux compatibility is dependent upon operating system components, configuration and host application(s). Please check compatibility using the free demo.
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