Professional Audio Software and Plug-In Development

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Professional Audio Software and Plug-In Development
Applied Computer Music Technologies Ltd specialises in developing pro-audio DSP software solutions, virtual hardware emulations, and innovative audio processing algorithms suitable for a diverse range of platforms and operating systems, including x86 / 64, ARM / Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac OS X / macOS and Linux. We also develop the OverTone DSP range of plug-ins compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
Over 25 years of professional audio industry experience gives us valuable insight into both the evolution of audio processing and the needs of professionals within the industry. Our background and experience in both analogue design and digital processing techniques gives us significant understanding of analogue hardware emulation in the digital domain. We believe that digital audio processing does not have to sound digital, with solutions focused on retaining desirable analogue qualities, enhanced by the power, convenience and flexibility which digital systems can provide.
Digital Audio Workstation Plug-Ins
Applied Computer Music Technologies Ltd also develops the OverTone DSP range of plug-ins, suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux, offering a versatile collection of products ranging from vintage analogue hardware emulations to intuitive modern digital processors.
Industry Standard Formats
We can develop plug-in processing solutions in VST2, VST3, AudioUnit, and ProTools-AAX compatible formats, maximizing digital audio workstation and cross-platform compatibility.
Analogue Character, Digital Precision
Digital doesn't have to sound digital. Our processing solutions retain the desirable qualities of the best analogue designs, combined with the convenience, flexibility and precision of modern digital techniques. Add to this as much - or as little - traditional analogue character as desired, and the result is a uniquely musical and powerful approach to DSP software development.
Professional Audio for Linux - Made Easy
Building on our heritage as one of the first commercial developers to offer viable professional audio plug-ins designed for Linux, we also provide high-end Linux audio plug-ins for download, compatible with a wide range of workstation software. With more host applications now available for Linux, class-compliant device support - often right out of the box, and greater ease of set up, it's never been easier to harness the power of Linux for cost-effective world-class audio performance.
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